Hi! I’m Nayla Mitha.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Are you ready to start feeling more calm, strong, and clear?

Are you ready to break free from the deep-rooted beliefs that are holding you back?

Are you ready to step into the core potential of who you truly are?

I coach women whose self-doubt has stopped them from reaching their core potential. They wish they could feel more calm, strong, and clear, but instead they feel trapped by their insecurities.

I help them break free from the deep-rooted beliefs that are holding them back so that they can get to that successful place they’ve been dreaming about.

Does any of this sound familiar:

You want to be more self-confident, but you’re afraid this will just turn people off.

You wish you could be more decisive, but instead you find yourself overthinking things.

You’re ready to make a big change, but you’re worried about falling flat on your face.

Guess what?!? Self-doubt doesn’t have to keep getting in the way of your career… and your life.

My list of 10 simple journaling prompts will help you:

✔  Hit the reset button on your mindset with powerful questions to guide you.

✔  Get clear on where you’re stuck so that you can start trusting yourself once again.

✔  Figure out what you need to do to release your self-doubt and move forward.

“Working with Nayla has helped me in so many ways with respect to my own business, the teams that I work with, and in my personal life (yes, truly!). I feel that my work with her was part of a bigger process of leaning into my natural abilities that I’d previously pushed away. I had been trying to be like others rather than becoming a better version of me. When I practice what I’ve learned from Nayla, I feel more like myself: a comfortable, natural version of me.” 

– Happy Client

It’s time for self-doubt to stop limiting your career… and your life.

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