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I coach women in leadership positions who sometimes struggle when they have to deal with difficult workplace situations. My clients are looking for better ways to exercise leadership when dealing with a variety of sensitive issues, including managing challenging team members, dealing dysfunctional office dynamics, and delivering constructive feedback.

“Working with Nayla has increased my confidence as a supervisor and given me great new ideas about how to approach difficult situations so that I can achieve better outcomes. I’m now much more able to tackle difficult conversations head on instead of avoiding them. And I’m also more comfortable with advocating for myself to help ensure that I have the authority and clarity I need to succeed in my role.”

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I also offer coaching programs specifically designed for entire leadership teams. My Peer Coaching Circle Program teaches coaching skills to leaders who are tired of being stuck down in the weeds, while their own work is piling up. They’d like to learn how to say less and ask more so that they can stop feeling so overwhelmed and start inspiring others to take action.

“Nayla set very clear parameters for the circle and made it a supportive learning experience – there was no ‘doing it wrong.’ She turned each moment into an opportunity to learn without judgment. Her gentle energy combined with her crystal clear instructions made it feel so safe and even fun to try this new skill. Not only do I listen more deeply now, I also ask questions that help others clarify where they are and what they need to move forward.”

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And last, but certainly not least, I deliver talks and sessions to help teams find the courage to truly resolve difficult issues together so that life at work can ultimately become less stressful and more joyful.

“Nayla has a wonderful way of combining both depth and humour in her presentations. She makes sensitive topics relatable through the models and real-life anecdotes that she shares. But what I appreciated most was her warm and welcoming presence – it allowed everyone to relax and feel comfortable enough to participate in the session.”

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