Hi there! I’m Nayla.

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m a Leadership Development Coach who works primarily with women in management positions. I also facilitate a Peer Coaching Circle Program for any leaders who are looking to flex their coaching muscles. 

Early on in my career as lawyer and workplace mediator, I discovered that many women in leadership roles struggle when they have to deal with difficult workplace situations. Whether it’s managing challenging team members, dealing with dysfunctional office dynamics, or delivering sensitive feedback, they worry about upsetting others and have trouble figuring out what to say or do. 

I help my clients go from feeling stuck and unsure during challenging moments to feeling clear and confident so that they can have a greater positive impact and as a result, issues can be truly resolved and life at work becomes more naturally joyful in the process!

I also facilitate peer coaching circles for executives and managers who would like to do less fixing and more motivating. They’re tired of being stuck down in the weeds, while their own work is piling up. I help my clients take more of a coach-approach to leadership so they can stop feeling so overwhelmed and start inspiring others to take more action and accountability.

What does this mean for you? I take your deepest hopes and desires as a leader and use my understanding of what makes people tick; my background in leadership, conflict resolution, and life coaching; and my love of personal growth to help you show up as your best self, especially when the going gets rough.

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