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  • Peacemaking


    Peacemaking often begins when we recognize that we all have chapters of our lives that we don’t read out loud.

  • Collaboration is the Key to Innovation

    Collaboration is the Key to Innovation

    Listening to someone else’s perspective can be tough. Especially if they see things very differently than we do.  One thing that helps me in these moments is remembering that there is often a piece of the puzzle that I’m missing.  When we put in the time and effort that it takes to hear each other […]

  • My Happy Place

    My Happy Place

    I did the Sparktype test recently and it really hit the nail on the head when it comes to what type of work makes me come alive! My primary Sparktype is the Maker – creation is my calling :) I’m most alive when I’m making things… whether it’s creating a workshop, preparing for an upcoming […]

Nayla… the writer—

I’m a storyteller, a creative, a woman of colour, a true nerd at heart, and an unapologetic introvert.

My stories about life are designed to help women take a step back and gain perspective so that they can move forward.

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