How to Balance Empathy and Assertiveness in the Workplace

This time you’re ready.

You know you need to deal with a workplace issue head-on.

Maybe you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with a project… or maybe it’s about that incomplete report your staff member wrote… or maybe you need to stick-handle a friendship and a working relationship with someone.

Does this sound familiar at all?

You’ve geared up and decided that enough is enough.

One way or another, this situation is getting resolved.

Than it happens… The never-ending parade of annoying thoughts that flash through your mind.

Maybe I’ll just call in sick for the next 2 weeks and not deal with the project… but then when I get back it’ll be even worse… Ugh! I’m stuck!

How do I tell him that they hated the recommendations in his report without crushing him… he worked so hard on it. 

What if she freaks out when I tell her that I can’t spend so much time talking to her at work anymore? 

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