I wish I knew this before… Part 3!

Last, but certainly not least, here is Part 3 of my video series about my greatest lessons learned when it comes to dealing with difficult workplace situations.

Lesson 1 was life changing for me: We often wait to find the courage to have difficult conversations, when in reality it is through having these conversations that we become courageous.

Lesson 2 was just as powerful: Get comfortable with the mess… because guess what? Sometimes dealing with the potential mess is better than continuing with the status quo.

Lesson 3 was all about realizing that I have my own blind spots. Blind spots are aspects of ourselves (i.e., our patterns, our behaviour, our impact on others) that we’re not fully aware of and that affect our ability to resolve difficult workplace situations.

This lesson was the MOST surprising one for me learn because I thought that I was doing awesome in a particular area that I was actually floundering in. The good news is that once I became aware of this blind spot, the shifts that started to occur in my life were nothing short of spectacular!

And this is typically what happens with blind spots… because we don’t know what we don’t know. So as a result, we find ourselves going around in circles, wondering why situations, issues, dynamics, etc. keep repeating themselves in our lives.

Once we uncover our blind spots, however, our entire perspective starts to shift. This in turn changes the way that we engage with others. And since we’re showing up differently, they start to respond differently to us. This is how our experience with difficult workplace situations ultimately evolves, progresses, gets better… in essence, it’s one of the best ways to level-up :)

Video #3 covers one technique that can help you “spot” your own blind spots. And if you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted friend, colleague, or coach for assistance!