Calling the girl back

I started calling that girl back.

-S.C. Lourie

I came across this piece by S.C. Lourie recently and it spoke to me so deeply that I had to create a little art journaling page inspired by it and share it with you.

I started calling that girl back. The girl who loved living, the girl who danced instead of walking. The girl who had sunflowers for eyes and fireworks in her soul. I started playing music again, hoping she would come out. I started looking for beautiful moments to experience, so she would feel safe enough to show herself, because I knew she was in there. And she needed my kindness and my effort to come to the surface again.

-S.C. Lourie

Sometimes through our evolution in life we come to realize that we’ve lost pieces of ourselves along the way.

At first we may simply feel an underlying sense of dissatisfaction at work or somewhere else in our lives.

We may even try and convince ourselves that what’s bothering us is outside of us – our bossy coworker, that annoying relative, or all the pressure society puts on us.

But that doesn’t fix things… because the problem isn’t really out there.

And soon that sense of dissatisfaction grows into a deeper sense of pain… sometimes even grief, as we continue to long for the parts of ourselves that we were taught to push aside.

Luckily we can find ways to move past this place.

And the good news is that that pain can serve a beautiful purpose.

That purpose is to motivate you to embark upon the adventure of finding those lost pieces of yourself and finally reclaiming them.

It’s only when we start to express ourselves, honour our true needs, play (because yes, when we “grow up” we often forget to do this), and essentially dare to walk our own path in life that we begin to feel some relief.

I hope that whatever you’re up to today, you take some time to call that girl (or that boy!) back.

Give her time… she may not show up right away.

But she’s there.

And she’s been waiting for you to come get her.

P.S. – If you’re curious about kick-starting your soul searching, find out how I can help here. I’d love to work with you!

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