What do you want?

What do you want?

Such a simple question… and yet so difficult to answer for some of us.

Being intellectually smart actually doesn’t help you here.

Especially if you’re good at fitting in, but not so good at rocking the boat (even if it’s just your own boat… scratch that… especially if it’s just your own boat).

Because being intellectually smart means that you have the ability to rationalize yourself out of anything… even what you truly want.

Perhaps you already live a life that looks relatively successful on the outside… you make enough money, you have good friendships, you have a happy family life for the most part.

So in the moments when you become very still and start to feel that underlying sense of frustration, confusion, and even sorrow… instead of digging deep, you make yourself wrong for thinking that something is missing from your life.

Spoiler alert: those feelings aren’t going away anytime soon… but you already knew that, didn’t you.

And being smart doesn’t help you with moving past those feelings, because the answers you’re seeking don’t lie in your head… they’re in your heart. And boy let me tell you… that can be a scary place to go.

I get it.

Stepping into that place that hurts requires the courage of a warrior.

You may loose people, a career, your beliefs, or patterns of behaviour that have been giving you a false sense of security but that actually no longer serve you.

And guess what? Reclaiming who you are also hurts… because life is just that crazy.

Those parts of yourself that you’ve been pushing away will literally scream out in pain when you finally allow them to come out… your vulnerability, your softness, your inner strength, your power, your playfulness, your innocence… your [you fill in the blanks]. And they deserve to… they’ve been waiting for much too long.

So you’ll need to let them scream for a bit.

Your brain does NOT like this idea, which is why you keep getting stuck. But it’s time for your head to stop driving the bus because yes, that weariness you’re feeling is from driving around in circles.

Once again, I get it. I’ve been there. It’s exhausting…

Are you tired yet of feeling so weary?

Here’s the good news… there is a purpose behind your pain and there is a way out.

That purpose is to provide you with the motivation to find yourself again… to reconnect with who you were, before you bought into the idea of who you should be. 

On the other side of that pain that you’ve been desperately trying to avoid is YOU… the real you.

And with the real YOU comes the much needed relief of more inner peace, more self-confidence, and ultimately the real success you’ve been searching for in all the wrong places… but you already know this too, don’t you?

So you also know this:

It’s time to break free.

You are ready.

You don’t need permission…

You just need to start.

And if you’d like a little help, contact me HERE. It would be my honour to assist you.

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