Break Free from Self-Doubt Challenge – Week 4 (Take Action!)

Welcome to week 4 of my break free challenge!

The last couple of weeks, we have essentially been following the typical path that we go through when we decide to make a big change in our lives.

Phase 1 is called death & rebirth… that’s essentially when you are no longer who you used to be, but you’re also not yet the person who you will become.

Your job during this phase is to grieve the identity that you’re letting go of and to disbelieve the painful thoughts that aren’t true. So two weeks ago we practiced wiggling free from our negative thinking.

Phase 2 is called dreaming & scheming… once we’re let go of our old identity and we’re no longer stuck by our limiting beliefs, we can then move on to dreaming up our new reality.

Last week you did this by visualizing what you want. This is one of the most fun phases of change!

This week we’re moving on to Phase 3 – the hero’s saga. It’s called this because if you have watched any hero’s journey, you would have seen them embark upon their BIG adventure and then FAIL… repeatedly.

In order to reach your big dreams, you need to have the tenacity of a hero on the hero’s journey… and one of the best ways to do this is to break up your action steps into teeeeeeeny tiny turtle steps… watch the video to find out more! And grab your handouts HERE while they’re still available :)

Questions? Comments? General musings to share? Yes please!! Type away.

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