You finally landed your dream job…

And everything was going great until you hit a snag – perhaps it’s your employee’s performance, your boss’s management style, or your co-worker’s attitude that’s tripping you up.

You have a vision of how you’d ideally like to handle these moments – you see yourself remaining calm, responding with ease and grace… but when the time comes all that seems to fall by the wayside.

You worry about offending the other person and can’t seem to find the right words to say what’s really on your mind.

Hey, I’ve been there too. And I’ve come out the other side. 

Hi! I’m Nayla Mitha.

I provide leadership coaching and training to executives, managers, and professionals in key areas, including how to deal effectively with difficult situations at work.

I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Life Coach with the Martha Beck Institute. And in my previous career, I was a Chartered Mediator.

How did I end up in this line of work? Great question!

When I entered the workforce as a bright-eyed, bushy tailed young lawyer, I realized that I was terrified of dealing with difficult situations… and I knew that my career would be limited if this didn’t change.

So I made a serious commitment to improve my leadership skills and saw incredible results.

Ongoing issues were resolved once and for all!

I had more energy to focus on my work!

My relationships even improved significantly!

I eventually couldn’t help but share what I learned with others because we waste so much of our precious time and energy avoiding issues or using ineffective strategies to deal with them.

As a coach and facilitator, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the power of handling difficult situations well for over 15 years now.

I’ve also seen how attainable this skill is… and how wide the gap is between knowledge and practice for many executives, managers, and professionals.

I’ve helped thousands of people like you level-up their leadership skills in this particular area and in many others. With my incisive questions, practical tips, and step-by-step strategies, I can help you say what’s on your mind without sacrificing your relationships!

Contact me to find out more about how I can help you or your team. I’d love to hear from you!

PS – In case you’re curious… here are some of the certifications that I’ve collected over the years to help me help you :)