Are You Ready to Break Free?

It’s time to break free from the self-doubt that’s been holding you back.

You’re a bright, motivated woman who wants to experience personal and professional success, but something keeps holding you back from stepping into your full potential.

You’ve been feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. It’s almost as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself… but you don’t quite know what part of you is missing or how to get it back.

Deep down inside, you have unrealized hopes and dreams that you’ve been pushing away.

And you’re not ready to admit this out loud just yet, but you’re secretly afraid that becoming the person you truly want to be will make everything fall apart… including you.

What if you could break free from self-doubt and step into your full potential?

I coach women whose self-doubt has stopped them from reaching their full potential. They wish they could feel more calm, strong, and clear, but instead they feel trapped by their insecurities. 

I help them break free from the deep-rooted beliefs that are holding them back so that they can get to that successful place they’ve been dreaming about.

My Coaching Packages will allow you to:

✔ Release the self-doubt that’s been holding you back in your personal and professional life.

✔ Learn how to find the right words to say what’s on you mind without being confrontational or aggressive.

✔ Reconnect with who YOU truly are and the unexpressed parts yourself that you were taught to hide.

✔ Learn how to use your body’s internal GPS (your intuition) to keep you on track in the journey of becoming more YOU.

✔ Become more comfortable with your TRUE SELF so that you can show up in your life feeling calmer, stronger, and more clear.

✔ Get to that successful place you’ve been dreaming about… and have partner (me!) to cheer you on from the sidelines!

“Working with Nayla has helped me in so many ways with respect to my own business, the teams that I work with, and in my personal life (yes, truly!). I feel that my work with her was part of a bigger process of leaning into my natural abilities that I’d previously pushed away. I had been trying to be like others rather than becoming a better version of me. When I practice what I’ve learned from Nayla, I feel more like myself: a comfortable, natural version of me.” 

Kristina Green, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Web Designer at True Blue Marketing, LLC of Portland, Maine, USA

My coaching packages are different than others.

(1) I get it.

My clients say that I have an uncanny ability to intuitively hit on what’s holding them back and what they need to do to move forward.

They also say that my calm and gentle coaching style helps them feel safe enough to open up about their deepest fears and greatest hopes.

In my personal journey, I first learned external strategies to speak up more and feel comfortable being ME. This helped a lot, but it wasn’t enough because a part of me still felt unsure of myself.

So I then learned how to do the deeper internal work that I needed to do to shift the core beliefs about myself that were still holding me back.

My coaching packages are different because they cover both practical external strategies that you can use in the real world and the deep internal work that you need to do to break free from self-doubt.

(2) I’ve got you covered as a Leadership Coach (external strategies).

Whether you’re in a formal leadership position or not, in order to break free from self-doubt in any area of your life, you need leadership skills.

I’m certified in various leadership development inventories and I’m an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Best of all though, I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned through my 15 years of experience in leadership development, negotiation, and conflict resolution into an easily digestible Difficult Conversations Toolkit that is specifically designed to help women say what’s on their mind with ease and grace.

(3) I’ve got you covered as a Life Coach (internal work).

As much as I benefited from the leadership strategies I learned throughout my career, I wanted to go further for myself… and to help others. This is why I decided to become certified as a Life Coach through the Martha Beck Institute.

Martha Beck is a bestselling author and has been a columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine since its inception.

The life coaching exercises that I’ll share with you are designed to help you break free from those deeply hardwired beliefs about yourself that are no longer serving you. They’re pure magic! And I’ve supercharged them with my 15 years of experience in helping women break free from self-doubt.

Most clients start to see shifts in their life immediately after their first session with me. And some clients see shifts as soon as they complete the first coaching exercise that will be emailed to you as pre-work before your initial coaching session!

“Working with Nayla was an incredible experience! As a result of her coaching, I’ve started to find my voice and inner confidence. I’ve become a better coach to my own clients thanks to her example and guidance around how to ask more effective questions. Nayla also helped me improve my overall communication with clients, which has allowed me to help them achieve better results. She challenged me to be open to digging into the deep icky mud of my mental chatter so that I could untangle my limiting beliefs and gain clarity.” 

Marisa Raymond, Yoga Teacher / Mindset Coach / Genetic Counselor, Bordeaux, France

Avoid wasting your time and money on another self-help book.

Avoid missing out on opportunities because of self-doubt.

Avoid feeling lost for words when you’re faced with a difficult conversation.

Contact me to find out more about the coaching programs I’ll be running in the coming months.


“Nayla’s been great at helping me get rid of the negative thoughts that were running through my mind and undermining my confidence. I now have a much more realistic and positive mindset and this has enabled me to find the courage to put myself out there and run my business like a true leader. Also, since I started working with Nayla, I’ve been able to focus more concretely on my goals and actually take the action steps needed to achieve them.”  

Rocio Fallas, M.Eng., Owner, Solmed Business Strategies, Heredia, Costa Rica

Nayla is also an amazingly wise coach. When I felt like I was up against an insurmountable obstacle, she had a way of asking the perfect question to help me disengage from the struggle and simply walk around the barrier. It’s as if I were walking along and suddenly not moving forward. I pull and pull, becoming increasingly frustrated and defeated. Then she says, “Hey, Megan, it looks like your sweater is hooked on the doorknob. Would you like to unhook it?” I stop struggling, take a step back, unhook myself, and feel incredibly free.” 

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, Grover Beach, California, USA  

“Working with Nayla has helped me find more effective ways to remain calm when I’m dealing with conflicting emotions. As a result, I now look at challenges from a broader perspective and with more insight. I’m better at listening intently, not jumping to conclusions, and approaching issues with an open heart and mind. Nayla is an incredibly calm, supportive, and present coach. She’s compassionate and understanding, and it never feels superficial with her. 

Robin Raff, Founder & CEO, Chief Strategist, Boomer Business & Beyond, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Through my coaching sessions with Nayla, I was able to witness my pattern of giving up on myself. I think the most shocking thing that I got from our sessions is having the responsibility given back to me to change this pattern. I was looking to a coach to unblock me and magically cure me, but Nayla helped me realise that this is ultimately up to me and she gave me the tools to help me do this myself. Our coaching sessions also enabled me to connect with my love for writing and finally hit “publish” on my website and my first blog posts. One of the best things about working with Nayla is that I felt seen by her. She was able to validate me and treat me as a woman who is capable and powerful enough to take charge of her life.”

Janelle Clarke, Legal Document Production Specialist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

As a director, I have an extremely busy job. After working with Nayla, I feel more in control of myself and more organized. I have moved from a state of disconnection, where I felt that I was doing things in a very hurried manner, to a more structured place that I had always wanted to achieve. Nayla was great at helping me figure out what steps I needed to take to become more productive and at the same time feel calmer.”

April Chavez, Director of Financial Aid, Clovis Community College, Clovis, NM, USA

I loved that Nayla could coach me through all the elements of good leadership, from helping to prepare you for collaborative conversations to the mental drama that comes up when you’re going into more challenging situations. Wherever I was from session to session, Nayla was able to catch up quickly and support me through it. There’s a difference in the way I show up in my own business now, a new level of professional presence and confidence to lead my teams through quick growth and change.” 

Lindsay Gomez, Business Operations Manager, Lindsay Gomez Management and Consulting, Chicago, IL, USA

“Working with Nayla has increased my confidence as a supervisor and given me great new ideas about how to approach difficult situations so that I can achieve better outcomes. I’m now much more able to tackle difficult conversations head on instead of avoiding them. And I’m also more comfortable with advocating for myself to help ensure that I have the authority and clarity I need to succeed in my role.

Anna Wong, Senior Policy Associate, W. Haywood Burns Institute, Oakland, CA, USA