Core Potential Coaching Package

It’s time to peel back the layers so that you can shine.

“Your core potential is the untapped power, energy, and impact that comes from your true self.

It’s lying dormant within you, just waiting to be released. And it can only be accessed when you stop being the woman that the world told you to be so that you can step into the woman that you truly are.

Your core potential is what helps you have the unique impact that only you can have at work and in this world… and in the process, it helps you live the wild and wonderful life that you came here to live.”

– Nayla Mitha

You’re a bright, caring woman who wants to progress to your next level of professional success, but recently you’ve been feeling frustrated and dissatisfied at the office. It’s almost as if you had to lose a piece of yourself in order to achieve the career success you’ve had so far… but now you don’t quite know what part of you is missing or how to get it back.

Deep down inside, you have unrealized hopes and dreams for your professional life that you’ve been pushing away.

Perhaps you want to show up more confidently in the boardroom… or you’ve been thinking about going for that big promotion or career change. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about becoming the strong, decisive leader that you know your team needs…

But something keeps holding you back from the dreams that you have for your career… and your life.

And you’re not ready to admit this out loud just yet, but you’re secretly afraid that becoming the strong woman you truly want to be will make everything at work fall apart… including you.

What if you could gain the genuine, deep, quiet sense of confidence that you need to step into your true self and shine?

Imagine setting aside the woman you were told you “should” be and stepping into the woman that you truly are.

Picture yourself having a professional life that’s even better than you could have dreamed of because you’ve finally discovered your core potential – the power of the energy at your disposal when you show up as YOU.

Imagine having an impact at work, in your life, and in the world that feels authentic, grounded, significant, and most importantly, unique to you.

Visualize yourself handling tough decisions, challenging situations, and difficult conversations with ease and grace… and having the confidence to go after opportunities that make you really come alive.

See yourself waking up every day excited to share your TRUE self with the people at work… And best of all, imagine feeling calmer, stronger, and clearer than ever before while doing so.

Sounds fantastic right? It is possible… and I can help.

Hi! I’m Nayla Mitha.

I coach bright, caring women who struggle to achieve their professional goals because of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. They know there’s a calm, strong, and clear woman somewhere inside of them, but they haven’t figured out how to fully access her yet.

I help my clients break free from the deep-rooted beliefs that are holding them back so that they can gain the genuine, deep, quiet sense of confidence that they need to get to their next level and shine.

I was thrilled to come across Nayla’s coaching services at a time when I was ready to work on my leadership skills. There’s a difference in the way I show up now, a new level of professional presence and confidence to lead my teams through quick growth and change.” 

Lindsay Gomez, Business Operations Manager, Chicago, IL, USA

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated and dissatisfied at the office, my Core Potential Coaching Package is for you.

My Core Potential Coaching Package is designed to help you:

✔ Reconnect with who you truly are and the unexpressed parts yourself so that YOU can really shine at the office.

✔ Get clear on what’s been stopping you from tapping into your full power, energy, and impact so that you can level-up in your career.

✔ Become more comfortable with your TRUE SELF so that you can start showing up as her in the boardroom; in one-on-on meetings with your colleagues, staff, or boss; with your team… and in your life!

“Working with Nayla has increased my confidence as a supervisor and given me great new ideas about how to approach difficult situations so that I can achieve better outcomes. I’m now much more able to tackle difficult conversations head on instead of avoiding them. And I’m also more comfortable with advocating for myself to help ensure that I have the authority and clarity I need to succeed in my role.” 

Anna Wong, Senior Policy Associate, Oakland, CA, USA

“You had to fit in to get where you are, but now it’s time for you to stand out.”

Nayla Mitha

As a director, I have an extremely busy job. After working with Nayla, I feel more in control of myself and more organized. I have moved from a state of disconnection, where I felt that I was doing things in a very hurried manner, to a more structured place that I had always wanted to achieve. Nayla was great at helping me figure out what steps I needed to take to become more productive and at the same time feel calmer.” 

April Chavez, Director of Financial Aid, Clovis, NM, USA

What’s Included in the Core Potential Coaching Package:

Five 60-minute Coaching Sessions

In your coaching sessions, we’ll talk about what you truly want for yourself so that you can get clear on what you’d like to change. We’ll also dive into the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are holding you back. And you’ll leave each coaching session with concrete action steps for you to take so that you can start reaching your goals.

Self-Coaching Tools

Each coaching package is custom-tailored to my clients’ particular needs. I’ve got a library full of coaching tools that I use and I’ll hand-pick the ones that best suit your unique situation.

I would recommend Nayla’s services to any women who may have some fears or confusion around setting and accomplishing goals. Nayla is excellent at helping you build the confidence you need to move forward with the dreams that you have for yourself and your life.

Janelle Clarke, Legal Document Production Specialist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This work takes time, patience, and dedication… and if you’re ready, I’m here to help you along the way.

You can do this! 

You know that there are women out there who have broken free from self-doubt… So, it’s not a question of it being impossible, it’s simply a question of having the right tools and support to help you do this.

Are you ready to kick-start your next level?

Let’s work together to help you build the confidence you need to move forward with the dreams that you have for yourself, your career, and your life!

Your investment in the Core Potential Coaching Package: $1,250.00

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss whether this coaching package is right for you: