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Brief Bio

I’m a Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator who believes that the most profound personal growth happens in the throes of difficult situations – when we’re hurt, afraid, and frustrated and we consciously choose to take the path less trodden.

My areas of expertise include leadership, communication, and conflict resolution and I have personally helped thousands of professionals learn how to truly resolve difficult issues so that their life at work can ultimately become less stressful and more joyful.

Sample Topics

– Why developing your conflict resolution skills will supercharge your career

– 5 mistakes leaders make when dealing with difficult situations in the workplace

– What you need to do to prepare for any difficult workplace conversation

– How to deescalate heated moments without sacrificing your serenity

– Balancing empathy and assertiveness in the workplace

– How to say no without feeling “icky” about it

– The art of staying out of workplace drama, even when others want to remain in it

– When to dive into a difficult conversation and when to let things go

– How to say less, ask more, and take a coach-approach to leadership

– How to know if leadership development coaching is a good idea for you

Past Events

  • Webinar: How to Deal With Disagreements at Work When You Hate Conflict (May 2019, Online)
  • Webinar: Conflict Resolution Skills for Empathic and Introverted Professional Women (April 2019, Online)
  • BeYOUTiful Women’s Expo (February 2019, Ottawa, Ontario)
  • CommuniTEA – E-Networking Event (December 2018, Online)