Looking for a guest speaker?

I would be delighted to speak to your team or at your event about a topic related to leadership, life lessons, or conflict resolution.

Topics I Can Discuss Include:

  • How developing greater self-awareness will supercharge your career
  • Key mistakes people make when dealing with turning points in their lives
  • How to stop negative thinking without using affirmations
  • How to deescalate heated moments without sacrificing your serenity
  • Balancing empathy and assertiveness
  • How to say no without feeling “icky” about it
  • The art of staying out of drama, even when others want to remain in it
  • How to say what’s on your mind without sacrificing your relationships
  • How to say less, ask more, and take a coach-approach to leadership
  • How to know if coaching is a good idea for you

Past Events

  • Guest Speaker, The Dots Podcast – A Podcast About Connecting, Level-Up with Nayla Mitha
  • Guest Speaker, MS Consultants Inc.: Beyond Massages and Manicures – How to Integrate Self-Care into Your Life
  • Group Coaching for Professional Women: Leaning into Your Essential Self and Your Natural Abilities
  • Webinar: How to Stop Self-Doubt from Sabotaging You
  • Guest Speaker, The Bolder Podcast: What does it really take to become a leader and create a leader!
  • Webinar: How to Deal With Disagreements at Work When You Hate Conflict
  • Webinar: Conflict Resolution Skills for Empathic and Introverted Professional Women
  • Guest Speaker, BeYOUTiful Women’s Expo: You Are Braver Than You Think
  • Guest Speaker, CommuniTEA – E-Networking: How to Make It Through Heated Moments Without Sacrificing Your Serenity