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How to Say “No” without Feeling “Icky” about It

5 “ick-busting” steps you must take before you do anything

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Launch Date:

Sunday June 18, 2017

Saying “no” to someone doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience that leaves you feeling drained and “icky” inside.


Say goodbye to feeling frustrated because of:

x  wishy-washy boundaries

x  hiding your true needs

x  unhealthy relationship dynamics


Say hello to the peace of mind that comes from:

clearly defining (for yourself) your own limits and needs

 feeling at ease to say “no”, even if the other person doesn’t like it

showing up with more integrity in your relationships

In this FREE 5-Part Video Series, you will learn 5 simple steps that will help you express your limits in a way that actually feels GOOD to you.

Let go of the guilt and anger that come from not understanding and sharing your needs.

Stop saying “yes” to things and then delaying, cancelling, or feeling grumpy because you really wanted to say “no”.

Show up in your relationships as YOU and not as some version of what other people want you to be (which, as you know, is not sustainable in any event).


Learn how to become comfortable with (1) who you are, (2) what you need, and (3) how to express this to others so that you can:


✓  feel more confident and have healthier relationships with the people in your life, as you will no longer be “hiding” parts of yourself;


✓  have more energy to enjoy the things that you actually love doing since you will no longer be wasting your energy on things that you don’t want to do and on wondering about what others think;


✓  become a more trustworthy colleague, friend, or family member because when you say something, you’ll actually mean it; and


✓  last but not least, experience more peace of mind because you will finally be respecting your own boundaries.

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Overview of the 5 “Ick-busting” Steps:


  • Step 1 – Get Grounded: Discover how to regain your balance after someone has crossed a line with you instead of being constantly destabilized by your emotions.


  • Step 2 – Focus Your Attention Constructively: Get yourself out of those negative thought spirals and focus your energy on gaining clarity about your boundaries and how to restore them.


  • Step 3 – Give Yourself a Safe Outlet: Find the “right words” to express your limits and needs in a way that will actually feel GOOD, even if the other person has a negative reaction.


  • Step 4 – Let it Stew: Learn a powerful process to help you set the stage for expressing yourself from a place of confidence and authenticity, instead of a place of fear.


  • Step 5 – Take Action: Actually say what you need to say, now that you’re feeling fully prepared and ready to TAKE ACTION!

What’s Included?

As part of this Video Series, you will receive 5 videos with accompanying PDF worksheets delivered directly to your inbox. Each video will cover 1 of the 5 “ick-busting” steps that will help you to start setting healthy boundaries in a way that actually feels GOOD to you. You can watch the short videos and complete the worksheets at your convenience.