Learn how to say what’s on your mind without sacrificing your relationships.

You love your job and enjoy working with people, but there are some days you just want to hide under your covers because of difficult situations at work. Perhaps it’s your employee’s performance, your boss’s management style, or your co-worker’s attitude that’s frustrating you.

You’ve tried talking to the other person, but the conversation became awkward very quickly. And now you find yourself making excuses to get away from them and fantasizing about a transfer to somewhere exotic, Bali maybe?

To top it all off, your mind seems to have gone rogue on you. You’re up in the middle of the night, vacillating between blame and shame as you google all of the things you should have said and done better.

You wish the problem would just go away or fix itself, but deep down you know that isn’t going to happen.

You just want to feel comfortable, happy, and productive at work again.

You wish you could feel more confident in your ability to speak up with ease and grace. You want to have the skills to steer discussions back on track if they become confrontational.

And you’re ready to find ways to stay calm, cool, and collected in heated moments so you can show up as your BEST SELF and feel proud of how you handled things.

Imagine walking into the office knowing deep in your core that you can tackle any difficult situation that comes your way. You don’t get knocked off balance by others, you listen intently without feeling pressured to give in, and you stand your ground while remaining open to discussion.

Most importantly, imagine being able to resolve issues without any drama so you can have more energy for the people, work, and life that you love.

Sounds fantastic, right? It is possible… and I can help!

I coach executives, managers, and professionals who sometimes feel anxious when they need to have difficult conversations at work. They worry about upsetting others and have trouble figuring out what to say or do.

I help my clients find better ways to communicate so they can resolve difficult situations with more clarity, confidence, and ease.

Together, we’ll figure out how to break through your frustrations so that you can get back to feeling like yourself again. If you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own, then my Difficult Conversations Power Coaching Package is for you!

My Difficult Conversations Power Coaching Package, will help you:

✔ Have even the most difficult conversations with greater ease.

✔ Focus on an effective conflict resolution strategy instead of overthinking things.

✔ Gain the peace of mind that comes from taking charge of your personal and professional development.

The Difficult Conversations Power Coaching Package Includes:

My Difficult Conversations Mini Toolkit

This Mini Toolkit contains 5 of my favourite tools with proven tips, strategies, and templates to help you go from stumbling around to sailing through difficult workplace situations. You’ll receive step-by-step strategies, models, and exercises that will keep you focused, grounded, and on track even in the most challenging situations.

60-minute Power Coaching Session

In this laser-focused coaching session, I’ll help you close the gap between how you currently react in difficult situations and how you would actually like to respond in these situations. Together we’ll develop new personalized strategies for you to try so that you can reach your goal.

30-minute Fine-Tuning Session

Your fine-tuning session will take place a few weeks after your Power Coaching Session. Together, we’ll explore how to tweak your new strategies so that you can continue to refine the way you handle difficult situations at work and improve your skills even more.

And guess what! Location is never an issue because all coaching sessions are done over the phone or online, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule!

You can do this!

You know that there are people out there who handle difficult conversations with ease and grace. So, it’s not a question of it being impossible, it’s simply a question of having the right tools and support to help you flex and strengthen these muscles.

Are you ready to feel calmer and more in control when you have to have a difficult conversations at work? Let’s get you back on track!

Your investment in Difficult Conversations Power Coaching Package: $99.00 (Canadian)

Get Started Now:

Step 1 – Pay for the Difficult Conversations Power Coaching Package and schedule your coaching session.*

*Please note that this particular coaching package such a GREAT steal that I’ve had to limit it to one package per client. So make sure to get in on this special deal NOW!

Step 2 – Review and Sign the Coaching Agreement.

Once you have signed the agreement, please send the entire agreement back to me by email at least 24 hours in advance of your power coaching session. (I will return the completed copy to you with my signature.)

Questions? Concerns? Things that you’re wondering about? I’d love to hear from you! Please use the Contact Page to send me an email or schedule a free consultation with me.