I would be delighted to speak to your team or at your event about a topic related to leadership, communication, or conflict resolution. Please feel free to contact me to discuss whether my approach might be a good fit for you. I deliver both in-person and virtual presentations!

Sample Session Descriptions

Dealing with Difficult Workplace Situations: How to lead with both your head and your heart

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” — Mary Anne Radmacher

Finding the courage to express yourself and speak up doesn’t always come easily. This is especially the case for leaders who have the daunting task of giving sensitive feedback, addressing dysfunctional team dynamics, and dealing with constantly competing priorities.

Many leaders get stuck on questions like: “What if the other person gets upset?”, “I should be able to deal with this. What’s wrong with me?”, and sometimes even “What if I don’t get promoted because I said ‘no’?”.  While these may be real issues, it can be helpful to also give consideration to more powerful questions, such as: “How can I lead in a way that allows me to be as confident as I am kind?”, or “When I look back on this situation in 10 years from now, how do I want to see myself having handled it?” 

Nayla Mitha (Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator) struggled with these concepts through her career and has developed her own unique way to generate bravery and action in the workplace.  She now helps leaders and team members find the courage to be authentic and deal with one another first and foremost as human beings. This approach allows issues to be truly resolved and life at work to become naturally more joyful in the process.

If you’re curious about discovering how to lead with both your head and your heart, this session was made for you.

How to Make It Through Heated Moments without Sacrificing Your Serenity

“The most profound personal growth does not happen while reading a book or meditating on a mat. It happens in the throes of conflict – when you are angry, afraid, frustrated. It happens when you are doing the same old thing and you realize you have a choice.” — Vironika Tugaleva

There are certain people in the workplace who know just which buttons to push to trigger us and as a result, what we had hoped would be a joyful day turns into a big hot mess. And to top it all off, in these heated moments people often get to see the worst side of us. What if instead of falling into our typical patterns, we could course-correct before things escalate too far? And what if we could actually work through difficult issues without all the drama?

Our presenter, Nayla Mitha (Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator) has over 15 years of experience working in the fields of leadership, communication, and conflict resolution in both the private and public sectors and in various countries across the world. Early on in her career as lawyer and workplace mediator, she discovered that many people struggle when they have to deal with difficult workplace situations. She now helps clients go from feeling stuck and unsure during challenging moments to feeling clear and confident so that they can have a greater positive impact and as a result, issues can be truly resolved and life at work becomes more naturally joyful in the process!

In this presentation you’ll learn about what typically happens to us when we go into fight, flight, or freeze-mode and you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own personal plan for deescalating heated moments. Best of all, these same tips and tools work both inside and outside of the workplace! If you’d like to go from stumbling around to sailing through difficult situations, this session is for you.


  • BeYOUTiful Women’s Expo (February 2019, Ottawa, Ontario)
  • CommuniTEA – E-Networking Event (December 2018, Online)