“As a result of my coaching sessions with Nayla, I gained more confidence and was able to follow-through on launching a new program for my business. In the past, I’ve sabotaged myself around launches due to fear and doubt. Nayla helped me ask the crucial question: What would a successful launch look like for me? This allowed me to re-think my entire approach based on what I wanted, rather than what I thought “should” happen, and to actually have fun creating and sharing my launch content.

Working with Nayla has helped me trust my intuition and value my skills as a writing coach more, which has led me to refine the niche I want to serve and begin offering higher-end services that really reflect my expertise. Our work around Essential Self gave me the tools to recognize when I’m making decisions aligned with my true self, versus when I’m making them out of fear. Overall, I feel less anxious, more confident, and also more certain that I’m moving toward the big goals I have for my business and for myself personally.  

Nayla is also an amazingly wise coach. When I felt like I was up against an insurmountable obstacle, she had a way of asking the perfect question to help me disengage from the struggle and simply walk around the barrier. It’s as if I were walking along and suddenly not moving forward. I pull and pull, becoming increasingly frustrated and defeated. Then she says, “Hey, Megan, it looks like your sweater is hooked on the doorknob. Would you like to unhook it?” I stop struggling, take a step back, unhook myself, and feel incredibly free. 

The mindset tools and techniques Nayla taught me are not only effective for helping me build new habits and thought patterns, but also fun. That’s a key to their effectiveness – I actually use them, instead of simply collecting them and feeling guilty because I “should” be using them, which has happened to me in the past with other coaching tools. 

I loved how the sessions flowed. I always felt like Nayla created the perfect container for me. Her energy is so good. I felt that it was safe for me to dive deep and fully untangle the mental and emotional knots that were blocking me. I left every session with greater insight and feeling lighter. 

Nayla’s coaching style is game-changing for women who are comfortable living in their heads but want to branch out and explore insights gained from the body. Her approach honors the intellect and allows it to be a partner as we learn to listen to the wisdom of the body. Thinking often gets a bad rap in personal development. We’re told to quiet the monkey mind, trust our gut, go with our heart, etc. I liked how Nayla’s approach invited me to gather relevant data from each realm (head, heart, body) and decide how to integrate it all, without judgment. 

I would recommend Nayla’s coaching services to every smart woman who has ever doubted herself or made things harder by questioning her every move. Especially to women who run businesses and are plagued by Imposter Syndrome and guilt for not doing enough, but who have a sneaking suspicion that things could be a lot easier and a lot more in flow.”

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, Grover Beach, California, USA  


Nayla’s group coaching sessions gave me the push I needed (and didn’t realize I needed) to heal some lingering wounds. I could see how much I still felt them and how much they were holding me back. She helped me realize how much power I had to make a different choice about how to deal with them. Hearing other women share their insights and experiences was also super helpful – such a great reminder that I’m not alone!

These sessions are perfect for women who want to feel more powerful in confident in themselves. Nayla knows what she’s doing. Working with her feels as comfortable as talking with a friend – a friend with the skills and experience to help you create positive change in your life.” 

Katie Haines, Health Coach for Busy Women, Skyesville, Maryland, USA  


“Working with Nayla was an incredible experience! As a result of her coaching, I’ve started to find my voice and inner confidence. I’ve become a better coach to my own clients thanks to her example and guidance around how to ask more effective questions.

Nayla also helped me improve my overall communication with clients, which has allowed me to help them achieve better results. She challenged me to be open to digging into the deep icky mud of my mental chatter so that I could untangle my limiting beliefs and gain clarity. 

The thing I like best about working with Nayla is her ability to ask pointed, deep questions that reveal the true issue at hand quickly and effectively. And she does it with compassion, empathy, and a comforting smile that lets you know you are not alone.

I would recommend Nayla 10,000%! If you’re struggling with conflict – whether it’s with a client, a co-worker, a partner, or your own inner voices, Nayla will help you dig through your emotions and negative thoughts and show you how you can shift your own energy and perspective so that you can solve the pieces that are in your control.”

Marisa Raymond, Yoga Teacher / Mindset Coach / Genetic Counselor, Bordeaux, France


“Working with Nayla has helped me in so many ways with respect to my own business, the teams that I work with, and in my personal life (yes, truly!).

I feel that my work with her was part of a bigger process of leaning into my natural abilities that I’d previously pushed away. I had been trying to be like others rather than becoming a better version of me. When I practice what I’ve learned from Nayla, I feel more like myself: a comfortable, natural version of me. 

I learned that my natural state of being quiet and calm when talking with others is an advantage. This was such a surprise to me! And I gained the confidence to keep my calm when conversations get intense. I’ve always struggled with this because I’m an HSP, so I feel other’s emotions on a deep level. Nayla’s reminders of how to ground myself and keep that safe space were incredible! 

I would highly recommend Nayla’s services to anyone looking to progress in their career or in their lives! She was so easy to talk to about any topic, but especially the ones that I found challenging. I didn’t expect to work with someone who cares as much as she does, which helped me to open up to the coaching process in a way that gave me what I truly needed.

Nayla fully prepared me to step into the next level of my career as a coach. I feel confident that she’s an expert in this area!”

Kristina Green, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Web Designer at True Blue Marketing, LLC of Portland, Maine, USA


“I was thrilled to come across Nayla’s coaching services at a time when was ready to work on my leadership skills.

I loved that Nayla could coach me through all the elements of good leadership, from helping to prepare you for collaborative conversations to the mental drama that comes up when you’re going into more challenging situations. Wherever I was from session to session, Nayla was able to catch up quickly and support me through it. 

There’s a difference in the way I show up in my own business now, a new level of professional presence and confidence to lead my teams through quick growth and change.

Before, I probably would have let a lot of less-than-great behaviors slide from people on the team. Now, I have the skills and know-how to have those conversations with individuals so that we can all better contribute to the aims and goals of the organization. 

Without Nayla’s help, I’m confident that the result of two very important meetings would have been with me walking out before the meetings ended. Instead, I was able to stay present and focused and continue the conversation because I had the tools to do so.

I would absolutely recommend Nayla’s services to any and all leaders within an organization or team who are looking for more collaboration with those inside of and outside of their organization. Leaders who are looking to lift up their team members through better management and communication and really get that it all starts with them. 

Nayla is the game-changer, the difference-maker for leaders who want to show up differently and better lead their teams towards more growth, more collaboration, and better results.”

Lindsay Gomez, Business Operations Manager, Lindsay Gomez Management and Consulting, Chicago, IL, USA


“When I first started working with Nayla, I felt uncomfortable about revealing so much personal information about myself, but I’m so glad that I took a leap of faith and did.

As a result of our coaching sessions, I’ve found that I am thriving in the everyday. I’ve lost 12 pounds and I practice meditation and yoga every morning. I didn’t think that this would be one of the outcomes of our work together, however, these are all foundational habits that I needed to put into place in order for me to be able to build the life that I want to live.

Through my coaching sessions with Nayla, I was able to witness my pattern of giving up on myself. I think the most shocking thing that I got from our sessions is having the responsibility given back to me to change this pattern. I was looking to a coach to unblock me and magically cure me, but Nayla helped me realise that this is ultimately up to me and she gave me the tools to help me do this myself. Our coaching sessions also enabled me to connect with my love for writing and finally hit “publish” on my website and my first blog posts.

One of the best things about working with Nayla is that I felt seen by her. She was able to validate me and treat me as a woman who is capable and powerful enough to take charge of her life. 

I would recommend Nayla’s services to any women who may have some fears or confusion around setting and accomplishing goals. Nayla is excellent at helping you build the confidence you need to move forward with the dreams that you have for yourself and your life.” 

Janelle Clarke, Legal Document Production Specialist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Working with Nayla has increased my confidence as a supervisor and given me great new ideas about how to approach difficult situations so that I can achieve better outcomes.

I’m now much more able to tackle difficult conversations head on instead of avoiding them. And I’m also more comfortable with advocating for myself to help ensure that I have the authority and clarity I need to succeed in my role. 

Last but not least, I also really appreciated Nayla’s coaching style and sense of humour. She’s been great at helping me gain insights into myself and my approach to leadership.

I loved working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their leadership, communication, or conflict resolution skills.”

Anna Wong, Senior Policy Associate, W. Haywood Burns Institute, Oakland, CA, USA


“When I first thought about hiring a coach, I was worried that they might not understand my goals or they type of help that I needed… but I’m so glad that I decided to take the plunge and work with Nayla. 

She’s been great at helping me get rid of the negative thoughts that were running through my mind and undermining my confidence. I now have a much more realistic and positive mindset and this has enabled me to find the courage to put myself out there and run my business like a true leader.  

Also, since I started working with Nayla, I’ve been able to focus more concretely on my goals and actually take the action steps needed to achieve them. I no longer let things that I cannot change stand in my way. The follow-ups that she did at every coaching session were great at helping me stay accountable and on track.

Best of all, I learned something new in every single session with Nayla… and better yet, it was always something that surprised me! She was great at zoning in on what was really important to me and this helped me to move forward in the places where I was feeling the most stuck.  

Nayla has this wonderful ability to quickly get straight to the point and because of this, you progress much more rapidly than you would without her support.”

Rocio Fallas, M.Eng., Owner, Solmed Business Strategies, Heredia, Costa Rica


“I had a client disappear on me without paying her invoice. I thought I’d never see that money. When Nayla offered to coach me through my response, I figured it would be good learning for next time, even if this client was a lost cause.

Nayla helped me write emails which were very different from what I’d have sent on my own, but which felt really good. I finally reached out to the client in a way that didn’t leave me feeling like a pushover, but that also didn’t railroad her. I was pleased that even though I wasn’t getting the invoice paid, I’d handled it in a way I could be proud of.

Then the client appeared out of no where and paid her invoice! I now have a large chunk of money that I’m sure I would never have seen without Nayla’s help. Her coaching very literally paid off!

I felt good about the way I’d dealt with the client, I got paid, and the client seemed happy with how things went down too. Win-win-win!!

Liz Green, Ghostwriter, Green Goose Ghostwriting, Kimberley, BC, Canada


“Thanks to Nayla’s group coaching program, I’ve been much calmer and less susceptible to daily anxiety.  A big part of this is that I’m more cognizant of how to connect my really big goals — related to the legacy I want to create — to my everyday actions. It feels very empowering.

In addition, as a result of Nayla guiding us through the 4 stages of change, I’ve gotten out of my own way when it comes to allowing big and exciting — yet scary — shifts in my business to come to fruition. It was huge to be able to understand that the emotions, thoughts, doubts, and discomforts I was experiencing were completely normal and to be expected.

I would 100% recommend this group coaching program to anyone who feels a bit lost or off on a tangent when it comes to pursuing their big dreams or goals — whether in business or in a personal realm. I’d also recommend it to anyone who feels stressed and overwhelmed by their daily to-do list. This program provides a chance to really honor the stillness inside and be more intentional about how we navigate our days.

Nayla makes it feel very easy to move through challenging transitions in life. Her grounded presence, clear explanations, and step-by-step resources allow for big shifts as a result of seemingly small movements. As a highly-sensitive person, I can sometimes shut down if the shift is too big when I’m with the practitioner/coach. My nervous system panics. Coaching with Nayla feels very natural and easy.”

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, Grover Beach, California, USA


“I was hesitant to work with a coach because I wasn’t sure that I’d feel comfortable enough to open up. I tend to be very introverted and this is particularly challenging for me. But Nayla was so easy to talk to that our conversations always flowed very naturally and I felt completely at ease with her.

As a director, I have an extremely busy job. After working with Nayla, I feel more in control of myself and more organized. I have moved from a state of disconnection, where I felt that I was doing things in a very hurried manner, to a more structured place that I had always wanted to achieve. Nayla was great at helping me figure out what steps I needed to take to become more productive and at the same time feel calmer.

She’s an awesome person to work with. She’s very intuitive and I never felt judged by her. I’m a person who works through things by talking them out and being able to talk through issues with Nayla has been immensely helpful. She’s wonderful at helping you move forward if you’re feeling stuck.”

April Chavez, Director of Financial Aid, Clovis Community College, Clovis, NM, USA


“Working with Nayla has helped me find more effective ways to remain calm when I’m dealing with conflicting emotions. As a result, I now look at challenges from a broader perspective and with more insight. I’m better at listening intently, not jumping to conclusions, and approaching issues with an open heart and mind.

Nayla is an incredibly calm, supportive, and present coach. She’s compassionate and understanding, and it never feels superficial with her. I felt like I had a partner who was genuinely interested in helping me work through things. In a nutshell, she made me feel valued.

Nayla is deeply committed to helping the people she works with achieve the positive results they’re looking for. She’s very knowledgeable and is continuously learning new things to help her clients. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is looking to deal with challenges with greater insight, awareness, and perspective.”

Robin Raff, Founder & CEO, Chief Strategist, Boomer Business & Beyond, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, USA


“I was a little concerned before participating in Nayla’s coaching circle training, as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. That said, I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this process! I’m now much more aware of when I’m asking questions that are closed or limiting. And I’ve experienced the positive impact of asking more open questions, which allows others greater space to explore their own thinking and, as a result, learn and grow more in the process.

Nayla is a very supportive and encouraging facilitator. She did an excellent job of course-correcting us during the coaching circle to help us stay on track and ensure that we integrated the coaching skills. She has a wonderful way of providing feedback that doesn’t make you feel judged and that actually inspires you to progress. If you’re looking for a learning experience that will help your leadership team bond and communicate more effectively, I highly recommend Nayla’s coaching circle program.”

Liz Green, Ghostwriter, Green Goose Ghostwriting, Kimberley, BC, Canada


“Nayla has a wonderful way of combining both depth and humour in her presentations. She makes sensitive topics relatable through the models and real-life anecdotes that she shares. But what I appreciated most was her warm and welcoming presence – it allowed everyone to relax and feel comfortable enough to participate in the session.”

Kimberley Day, Author, Speaker, and Coach, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada


“The coaching circle gave me a better understanding of the value of asking powerful questions and I’m also much more mindful of the types of questions I ask. I’m a high-achiever and I used to think that I had to overextend myself to get results. I’ve now realized that I was unnecessarily giving my energy away instead of helping others do the work that they need to do themselves to learn and grow.

My approach needed an upgrade and the coaching circle provided me with the right tools to do just this. I’m much less anxious about “fixing things” now because I’ve seen how taking more of a coach approach can actually lead to better outcomes. The skills that I learned have not only improved my interactions in the workplace, they’ve even improved the way that I communicate with my husband!

Nayla is a wonderful facilitator. She’s patient, encouraging, and generous and she intuitively knew when to give us space and when to intervene to help us learn and stay on track. The personalized feedback that she provided was also super helpful and appreciated. Her coaching circle program is awesome – you won’t regret signing up for it!”

Jackie Dominas, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Fort Mill, SC, USA