Help you team members learn to say what’s on their mind… and still get along.

Does your team know how to disagree effectively?

If there’s too much tension when your team has to resolve difficult issues together, there’s a problem. That’s easy to see.

But let me let you in on a little secret. 

If there’s not enough tension in their difficult conversations, there’s an even bigger a problem!

At work and in our lives, we cannot help but encounter differences in priorities, opinions, and perceptions every day.

And this creates conflict.

So if your team isn’t skilled at talking things out, their lingering unresolved issues could be hurting your organization in more subtle ways.

When your team doesn’t have the skills to disagree productively:

  • Innovation fails because the best ideas don’t have a chance to emerge.
  • Productivity suffers because the same issues keep resurfacing.
  • Precious time and energy are wasted on ineffective strategies.
  • Gossip and drama lurk under the surface of your corporate culture.
  • Work-related stress slowly starts to creep into the rest of their lives. affecting their level of engagement at work.

Through the Art of Productive Disagreement Workshop, your team will learn to:

  • Engage in direct and open communication and as a result, improve their productivity and working relationships.
  • Address and resolve even the most challenging issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure that the best ideas make it onto the table through healthy and respectful dialogue.
  • Have more time and energy to focus on their priorities and the success of your organization.
  • And last but not least, feel less stressed and happier at work!

This Art of Productive Disagreement Workshop covers:

✔ Essential difficult conversation & conflict resolution theory.

✔ The 5 different conflict handling styles and when to use them.

✔ Step-by-step proven strategies to use before, during, and after a difficult conversation.

✔ How to bring a conversation back on track if it escalates.

✔ Core communication skills that help resolve issues and repair damaged relationships.

Workshop format and features:

This interactive workshop is designed for a group of up to 20 participants. It includes short teach pieces, small group discussions, exercises in pairs, large group debriefs, and more!

All participants will also receive access to my Difficult Conversations Power Toolkit!

This Toolkit is full of proven tips, tools, and templates to help your team go from stumbling around to sailing through disagreements and conflict at work.

It includes step-by-step strategies, models, and exercises that will keep them focused, grounded, and on track even in the most challenging situations.

Available in a 1-day in-person format and online over four 1.5 hour sessions!

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